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Welcome:  Proudly serving Holstein, Iowa 
Shrimp 59 LLC salt water shrimp are naturally raised by the Dutler family in Cherokee County Iowa.  Our Pacific White Shrimp are the freshest shrimp you will ever taste, and it is now conveniently available in IOWA.  You will love the taste and also the convenience of purchasing.  You’re always welcome here. Come in and chat with us, you will be glad you did. We’re really looking forward to it. 

When we fill our growing tanks we do nothing to the water but add salt. We add zero hormones, chemicals or antibiotics to our shrimp. Our system is completely green.
We get our shrimp from a SPF (specific pathogen free) hatchery in Florida when they are about 11 days old. When we receive them, we acclimate the post larvae (PL’s) to our water's temp, Dissolved Oxygen, and PH. They stay in their nursery tanks for 30 days or desired weight, and then are moved into their grower tanks. While in these tanks their water quality is tested every day along with being fed a high protein diet from Ziegler Feeds.
When the shrimp are moved into their grower tanks, the water is tested daily. They will remain in the finisher tanks until they reach an approximate harvest weight. At this time, you can come in and pick up FRESH SALTWATER SHRIMP.

We’re located at:
1641 100th St,
​Holstein, IA  51025
5 miles North of Holstein on Hwy 59 to 100th St.
West on 100th St 1/2 mile
Shrimp 59 LLC is located on the north side of the road. 
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We are currently out of fresh shrimp.

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
If driving a distance,
please call first and make 
sure someone is around.  

Saturday and Sunday
Open by appointment.   
Call before you head this way so we can make sure and get you taken care of!

712-369-3203 OR
Interested in Starting a Shrimp Farm?!  We now offer consultation.  Call or email for further details